Hall Place & Gardens

Like many couples in 2020, Nishal and Maha had had their wedding plans disrupted, but love can conquer all and they were determined to go ahead with a winter wedding at Hall Place and Gardens. For a full write up, see the Weddings in Kent blog.

My company is for both wedding photography and videos. That was perfect for the groom. Nishall wanted a film clip of Maha entering and walking down the isle.

The venue for the ceremony was the Tudor Kitchen at Hall Place and Gardens and invited their family with their maximum 16 guests allowed under the wedding restrictions.

The bride, Maha, arrived in a silver convertible decorated with a pink bow. She wore a pink dress called a “Lehenga” which is traditional Indian attire and was purchased in Southall. I snapped away getting great images of the wedding dress.

After the ceremony, we took some photos in the Great Hall then we went outside.

As a newly married couple they made for some beautiful photos with the Tudor background and the topiary. It’s a gorgeous venue.

No wedding is complete without family group shots. We did some in the great hall and some outside.

And with the winter sun slowly setting over the gardens we took a last photo before the couple said goodbye to Hall Place and Gardens and headed off on a new life together.

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