Tudor Barn Eltham

Wedding pictures of Sarah and Gerald at Tudor Barn Eltham in August 2021.

Tudor Barn Eltham wedding photos

The converted 16th century Tudor barn in Greenwich, South East London makes a beautiful venue for wedding photography of ceremonies and parties both indoor and out. Tudor Barn is the only Tudor barn in the whole of London.

Wedding ceremony photos in the Tudor Gallery

For Sarah and Gerald, the ceremony number were very small, as the upheaval of the lockdown had changed their original dates. They would now have the ceremony on a Thursday afternoon with just close family, and the guests would come for the party that evening.

Wedding ceremonies are licensed at the venue and the couple can take vows can anywhere in the building. The main ceremony room at one end of the upstairs Tudor Gallery, features a magnificent stone fireplace. This room is suitable for 160 guests, with the curtain wall drawn for smaller intimate wedding for 30-50 guests. The space is large enough for 300 guests in the evening.

With in-house catering and DJ, and a dedicated event manager, the stress of the planning process is taken out of a wedding at Tudor Barn Eltham.


Wedding Portraits in Well Hall Pleasaunce Park

When we took these photos, the sun was setting, creating a beautiful backlit effect for my photography. I used that by positioning the couple so that the sun was behind them. Then I used my flash to compensate for the shadows on their faces. That was I had beautifully exposed shots but the nice halo effect of the sun behind them.

For romantic portraits, a moat surrounds one side of the building with bridges and dangling weeping willows. Then 13 acres of parkland stretch out from the wedding venue. The park has lots of different themed gardens such as an Italian garden, rose garden, heather garden and floral shield garden.

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